1. Terms and Scheduling

Developing a work schedule for your workers is one of the key stages when planning an international recruitment project. Once the needs of your company have been identified, we look at countries with candidates that have the skills and qualifications that your company requires.

Our recruiters then travel to the country of choice to interview and select the best candidate for your company.

2. Candidate selection

Our team searches and gathers information on qualified candidates at our international offices on a daily basis. Once the recruiting needs have been identified, we notify and travel to the branch to conduct an initial interview to screen candidates and select competencies that meet our clients’ expectations.

The next step is sending all pertinent information of the worker to the potential employer in preparation for a second interview where all parties are involved.

We validate the technical skills of the workers through on site practical tests to ensure the ability and consistency the trade requires.

Once our recruiting process is completed, a verification of the candidate's references are completed. We remain on site to perform due diligence on previous employers, criminal and health records of the candidates.

3. Candidate recruitment and the signing of the employment contract.

The recruitment phase is completed once the employee has been selected. Our candidates have to commit and sign a 5-year employment contract. The employees are obligated to adhere to this 5 year-term and the details of the contract may vary according to the needs of our employers.

4. Immigration process

As your immigration representative, we are going to take care of all the administrative procedures to obtain the necessary authorizations for your employees to work legally in your country. Qualified immigration lawyers prepare the immigration process and follow up throughout.

5. Arrival and Integration of the foreign worker

Before arrival, we meet and guide you through the various logistical and operational aspects that have to be carried out in order to facilitate the integration of your foreign employees.

• Completion of an integration form (Accommodation information, cultural functioning, RAMQ card, etc.)
• Greeting preparation for the arrival to the organization
• Lodging
• International driver's license.

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